With Covington County Children’s Policy Council:

  • you can cover all costs to provide a quality educational experience for an underprivileged child.
  • You can cover the cost of teaching, foundation-books, learning resources & counseling for a child.

  • Your donation will cover all operating expenses for a foundation unit incurred during the year.

Each year, Covington Council’s alumni, parents, grandparents, faculty, and friends sustain the foundation’s efforts to prepare boys for their future by supplementing our operating budget through their support of the Amici Fund, our annual fund. Covington Council’s 2017-18 operating budget of $33.3 million is funded by tuition, endowment, and the Amici Fund.

You can donate to CCCPC with a Paypal account or a credit or debit card. The transaction is safe and secure. You can also make a check or money order payable to Covington County Children’s Policy Council .

If you prefer this method, please mail
your check to the following address:

Covington County Children’s Policy Council
402 Covington Council Station
Covington County Children’s Policy Council, VA 22989

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Covington County Children’s Policy Council is an all-volunteer organization. Volunteers are the heart and hands of CCCPC. We know how valuable your time is and we cherish it. Our ability to provide education for many in need is entirely dependent on high levels of volunteer support and we warmly welcome all who can help.

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Volunteering Experience

  • Teaching Experience
  • Volunteering Experience
  • Charity Shows
  • Fund Raising​

Other Experiences

  • Bon Fire
  • Travel
  • Accomodation